Learn how we gather, clean, weight and analyze our data before it gets visualized in our intuitive user interface.

PlumResearch gives you an advantage in the entertainment market. We’re proud to lead the industry in analyzing and interpreting online, subscription and linear content from major SVoD, OTT, and AVoD services. Nowhere else can you find the robust panel sizes that PlumResearch provides.

How We Source Our Data

PlumResearch is a reliable partner on the market when it comes to international analytics and data, as we remain the only service to collect billions of raw data points from panelists in close to 20 territories. We marry data science with analytics together for foolproof numbers.

We measure viewing through our specific methodology, which we’ve refined over the last five years with the help of some of our top clients around the world. Today, Plum receives data regardless of the device the title has been viewed on — whether desktop, mobile, smartTV, consoles or even downloads.

We also partner with trusted third parties to round out the full device-agnostic picture of content consumption. The process is lengthy, but we do what it takes to accurately measure global viewership in near real-time and provide a variety of sources for reliable and validated insights. Simply said, what you see is what people are watching.

Territories / Coverage

We count millions of devices from almost 20 countries around the world as panelists, meaning they provide billions of points of data for our machine-learning algorithms to ingest, process and calculate.

The data we gather helps us interpret market trends, perform custom data pulls and leverage our status in the industry to provide you with an enriched and comprehensive picture of audience viewing.


First, we weight our viewer count based on the number of unique profiles that have viewed a certain piece of content within a country. Second, we weight our viewer count based on the amount of platform active users within a country. Finally, based on this, we are able to apply daily weights for a very granular approach. Voila, the final calculation is what you see in the dashboard.

Part of our secret sauce is our proprietary statistical model, which calculates how quarterly numbers distribute to monthly, weekly, and daily user activity. Based on this, we’ve been able to apply daily weights for a very granular approach.


Our clients include major movie studios, linear networks and streaming platforms. We work closely with our clients in a way that will benefit them and help customize our dashboards for future users. We see our clients as partners, and appreciate their feedback and dedication to improving our product.